Temporary Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Posted in Latest News on November 5, 2013.

Q. How do I request a temporary permit?

A. When you begin your licensure application, you can simply select the method Examination with Temporary Permit.

Q. Who is eligible for a temporary permit?

A. Only graduates from a United States accreditied PT or PTA program are eligible.

Q. How long is the temporary permit valid?

A. Temporary permits are valid for 6 months from your graduation date. Your graduation date must be correctly disclosed on your application and will be verified against your official transcripts submitted from your school. A temporary permit is not renewable and you must discontinue practicing immediately if your permanent license has not been issued by the expiration date of your permit.

Q. Am I required to take the first available scheduled exam?

A. No, your permit will be valid for 6 months from your graduation date regardless of what exam you take.

Q. What happens if I fail the exam?

A. Your permit will be valid for 6 months from your graduation date regardless of your exam results.

Q. Will a temporary permit be issued before I graduate, even though I have finished my clinical rotations?

A. No, a temporary permit will not be issued until the board office has received official transcripts from your school that include your degree and graduation.

Q. What else is required for a temporary permit?

A. You must complete the application for licensure and meet all other requirements for licensure except passing the NPTE and demonstration of the medical errors continuing education. You will be required to pass the Florida laws and rules exam; provide proof of malpractice insurance and proof of having a supervising physical therapist by providing the requested information on the application.

Q. Is there an additional fee to apply for the temporary permit?

A. No, there is no additional fee.

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