Help Center / Can I request an extension to complete my CEs?

Rule 64B17-9.001(7) states: The board shall make exceptions for licensees from the continuing education requirements including waiver of all or a portion of these requirements or the granting of an extension of time in which to complete these requirements upon a finding of good cause by majority vote of the board at a public meeting following receipt of a written request for exception based upon emergency or hardship. Emergency or hardship cases are those:

  1. Involving long term personal illness or illness involving a close relative or person for whom the licensee has care-giving responsibilities;
  2. Where the licensee can demonstrate that the required course(s) are not reasonably available; and
  3. Other demonstrated economic, technological or legal hardships that substantially relate to the ability to perform or complete the continuing education requirements.

If you wish to request an exception and you have a hardship listed above, you must submit your request in writing to, or mail to:

Florida Board of Physical Therapy
4052 Bald Cypress Way, C-05
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3255

Your request will be placed on the next available board meeting agenda for consideration.