Physical Therapist

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Current licenses expire at midnight, Eastern Time, on November 30, 2013.

To ensure you receive your renewal notification from the department, your current mailing address must be on file. Failure to renew an active or inactive license by the expiration date will result in the license being placed in delinquent status. Failure by a delinquent licensee to renew before the expiration of the current licensure cycle renders the license null and void without any further action by the board or the department.

A licensee who remains on inactive status will be required to demonstrate completion of continuing education requirements at the time of reactivation. Requirements can be found in Rule 64B17-5.001, F.A.C. To request reactivation of your license, contact the Board office at to find out your requirements.

If you are reactivating your license, please refer to the Laws & Rules governing your practice for additional requirements.

The department will renew your license upon receipt of:

  • Completed renewal application
  • Required fees

By submitting the completed renewal application along with the appropriate renewal fees to the department, a licensee acknowledges compliance with all requirements for renewal, including continuing education.

  1. Login to DOH account at
  2. Follow on screen instructions for reporting CE hours to CEBroker.
  3. Once all hours are logged, the Department will allow your license to be renewed.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions for submitting payment and completing your renewal.
  5. New licenses will be mailed to your current address on file within 10 business days.

Certified check or money order should be made payable to the Florida Department of Health.

If renewing BEFORE your license expires, your fees will be:

Active to Active$80.00
Inactive to Inactive$55.00
Active to Inactive$55.00
Inactive to Active$130.00
Active to Retired$55.00
Inactive to Retired$55.00

If renewing AFTER your license expires, your fees will be:

Active to Active$135.00
Inactive to Inactive$110.00
Active to Inactive$150.00
Inactive to Active$225.00
Active to Retired$150.00
Inactive to Retired$150.00

If renewing 120 day Notified Delinquent, your fees will be:

Active to Active$215.00
Inactive to Inactive$165.00
Active to Inactive$165.00
Inactive to Active$265.00
Active to Retired$190.00
Inactive to Retired$165.00

Licenses become Null & Void on December 1, 2013.

By submitting the appropriate renewal fees to the department, a licensee acknowledges compliance with all requirements for renewal, including continuing education.

Inactive license requesting Active status: please call the board office at 850-245-4373

*After renewal closes, a $35 “Delinquent” fee will be added to all transactions. A “Change of Status” fee will also be added for licensees wishing to change from Active-Inactive in the amount of $40.

Twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education to have been completed within the current biennium for which the license is being renewed. (Bienniums run from 12/1/odd year-11/30/next odd year. For example, 12/1/2013-11/30/2015 is a licensure biennium.)

No more than 12 hours may come from home study/online courses. All licensees must complete 2 hours on the Prevention of Medical Errors for each licensure renewal cycle.

All Licensees renewing for the first time must complete 1 hour of HIV/AIDS for their first renewal only.

*Licenses issued in the second half of the biennium are exempt from the renewal requirements with the exception of  (2 hours of Prevention of Medical Errors and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS).

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Florida Statutes

Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions
Chapter 486: Physical Therapy

Florida Administrative Codes

Rules: Chapter 64B17, Board of Physical Therapy Practice